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Blogs Itinerary An Itinerary is a calendar of events related to planned trips, which generally includes the destinations to visit at specific times and the means of transport to move between these destinations.
For example, both a business trip plan and a road trip route or a proposed draft of an itinerary are included. The creation of a travel plan can be assisted by the use of travel literature, including travel newspapers and magazines, a travel guide with information for visitors or tourists about the destination, or a website for a travel planner to help users to plan their trips.
Typically, a travel agent creates a travel plan that will help you complete your business or leisure trip. Most of the time, a travel agent will provide the traveler with a list of pre-planned itineraries, who can then choose the one that suits them best.
However, with the advent of the internet, online maps, navigation, online trip planners, and easier access to travel information in general, travelers, especially younger ones, prefer a more practical approach to travel planning. Since a travel plan can serve different purposes for different types of travelers, it is essential that a travel agent understands all the characteristics of their clientele.
The itinerary of a typical business traveler may include information on meetings, events, and contacts with some time for vacation travel, while the itinerary of a leisure traveler would primarily include destinations, attractions, and modes of transportation.
Online trip planners like Sygic, Road trippers, and help accommodate different trip profiles by providing easier access to information and a tool to organize an itinerary more efficiently. International travel may require people visiting certain countries to submit their travel plan to authorities to ensure their plans are legal .
Contents 1 Reservations 2 See also 3 References 4 External links Reservations When a proposed itinerary is completed, the details must be entered into an airline reservation system, where the relevant reservations and reservations are made. In the industry, the travel plan is commonly called the travel plan and the data in the reservation system is called the passenger name record (PNR). See also Travel plan, a package of measures developed by an organization to promote safe, healthy and sustainable travel options