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Sirimon Narumoru Route

Sirimon Narumoru Route is course begins 15 km (9.3 mi) east around the Mount Kenya Ring Road from Nanyuki. The entryway is 10 km (6.2 mi) further along the track, which can be strolled or driven by four-wheel drives.

The track scales through the backwoods. On the northern side of the mountain there is no bamboo zone, so the woods step by step transforms into moorland covered with goliath heather.The track closes at Old Moses Camp and turns into a way.

This proceeds up the slope prior to parting into two courses. To one side, the most un-utilized way circumvents the side of the Barrow, to Likii North Hut.The vegetation turns out to be more inadequate, with monster lobelia and groundsels spotted around. The way moves over an edge, prior to rejoining the primary way climbing the Mackinder Valley.

Shipton’s Cave can be found in the stone divider to one side of the precarious way not long prior to arriving at Shipton’s Camp.From Shipton’s Camp, it is feasible to rise the edge straightforwardly before the camp to the site of Kami Hut, which does not exist anymore, or follow the stream up to Lower Simba Tarn and in the long run to Simba Col. These are both on the Peak Circuit Path.


This course is taken by numerous individuals of the adventurers who attempt to arrive at Point Lenana. It very well may be climbed in just 3 days and has bunkhouses at each camp so a tent isn’t necessary. The territory is typically acceptable, albeit one segment is known as the Vertical Bog Vertical lowland on Mount Kenya on the Naro Moru Route

The track begins in Naro Moru town and heads past the Park Headquarters up the edge between the Northern and Southern Naro Moru Rivers.

At the roadhead is the Meteorological Station, to which it is feasible to drive in the dry season. The course drops down into the Northern Naro Moru Valley to Mackinder’s Camp on the Peak Circuit Path.


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