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4-Days Mt Kenya Sirimon

4-Days Mt Kenya Sirimon, This route begins 15 klm weters (9.3 miles) east of Nanyuki on the Mount Kenya Ring Road. The gate is 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) down the route, hich may be walked or driven by four-wheel drive vehicles.

The path ascends through the trees. Because there is no bamboo zone on the mountain’s northern side, the forest gradually transforms into moorland with enormous heather.  At Old Moses Camp, the track ends and becomes a trail.

This climbs the slope before separating into two directions. The least traveled way around the edge of the Barrow leads to Likii North Hut on the left.  With huge lobelia and groundsels strewn about, the vegetation becomes sparse. Before continuing on, the trail rises over a ridge.

The vast majority of the tops on Mount Kenya have been summited. Most of these include rock moving as the least demanding course, albeit some just require a scramble or a walk.

The most elevated pinnacle that can be rose without climbing is Point Lenana, 4,985 meters (16,355 ft).most of the 15,000 guests to the public park every year climb this pinnacle. Interestingly, roughly 200 individuals culmination Nelion and 50 culmination Batian, the two most noteworthy peaks.

Mount Kenya’s climbing seasons are extraordinary because of its area just 10 miles from the equator. During the northern summer the stone courses on the north side of the pinnacle are in acceptable summer condition, while simultaneously the ice courses on the south side of the pinnacle are prime shape.

The circumstance is turned around during the southern summer. The two seasons are isolated by a while of stormy season prior and then afterward, during which climbing conditions are by and large horrible.




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