Aberdare Day Trip

Aberdare Day Trip

Aberdare Day Tour

We arrive at the Aberdare National Park for our day trip, check-in to the park and proceed on a game drive.

The park is a forest and mountain range that starts at 1829 meters and rises to its highest point at 4001 meters above sea level.

The mountain range is heavily forested and forms the rim of the Great Rift Valley at some point.

The ranges gradually slope down towards Nyahururu and the forest is a mixture of dense forest on the lowlands giving way to bamboo and then the moorland towards the top.

Our Aberdare National Park Day Trip Safari explores the dense forest at the lower level of the mountain range with many animals including the elephants, rhinos, leopards, giant forest hogs, buffalos and colobus monkeys.

The alpine moorland and bamboo forests have the eland and bongo antelopes which are very shy and hard to spot. You will be able to spot many of these animals in your day trip.

We enjoy a picnic at 3,500 meters altitude surrounded by a breathtaking landscape of waterfalls and forest and the sound of screaming monkeys in the tree tops.

Later we precede on another game drive. Aside from wildlife, Aberdare National Park has over 200 species bird including the globally threatened Sharpe’s Longclaw, Aberdare Cisticola, Abbott’s Starling, and Jackson’s Widowbird.

We exit the park gate and drive back to Nairobi.

Arrive late evening and transfer you back to your hotel where the Aberdare day trip ends.

Prices Include:

Service crew-guide, cook, local staff
All Park fees and campsite fees
All accommodations as described in the itinerary
Transport as described in the itinerary


Entry visas
Activities cited as “optional” in the itinerary
Airport transfers
Beverages in hotels
Extra costs incurred as a result of alterations to the original tour plan e.g. different accommodations and service

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