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Popular Destinations

3 Days Maasai Mara

3 Days Maasai Mara is purely a visit to Masai mara national reserve, additionally now and then spelled Masai Mara and privately referred to just as The Mara, is a huge public game hold in Narok, Kenya, bordering with the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

4-Days Mara Lake Nakuru

4-Days Masai Mara Nakuru Safari. Lake Nakuru is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the most famous lake in Kenya. It is known for its flocks of flamingos. Lake Nakuru is one of several alkaline lakes found in the Great Rift Valley

3 Days Amboseli Safari

3 Days Amboseli Safari previously Maasai Amboseli Game Reserve is a public park in Kanjiado South Constituency in Kanjiado County Kenya. Recreation center is 39,206 hectares

3 Days Samburu safari

3 Days Samburu safari at the game reserve is a game hold on the banks of the Ewaso Ng’iro stream in Kenya. On the opposite side of the stream is the Buffalo Springs National Reserve. The recreation center is 165 km² in size



3 Days Meru National Park

3 Days Meru National Park safari is pristine, untamed and incredibly wonderful tour package. The equator slices through the recreation center it and it is befuddled by numerous waterways and streams, making it a lavish, tropical heaven.

5-days Amboseli Tsavo

5 Days Amboseli Tsavo safari is delegated by Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s most noteworthy pinnacle, the Amboseli National Parks is one of Kenya’s most well known parks.

7-Day Maasai Mara Nakuru Samburu

7-Day Maasai Mara Nakuru Samburu, world-renowned for its exceptional populations of lion, African leopard, cheetah and African bush elephant. It also hosts the Great Migration

7-Days Mara Nakuru Amboseli

7-Days Mara Nakuru Amboseli ,The quintessential Masai Mara safari conveys numerous attractions, as the save is home to an incredible all year convergence of game

4 Days Mt Kenya Sirimon

In your 4 Days Mt Kenya Hiking Sirimon Route, you will be trekking to Point Lenana at 16,059 feet (4,895 meters)—one of Mt. Kenya’s three summits—is challenging but enjoyable for fit walkers. Make the hike with a guide for safety on this 4-day adventure from Nairobi.

5-Days Mount Kenya Climbing

5-days mount Kenya Climbing  Naromoru route is journey offers great freedoms for acclimatization preceding rising to the highest point. Not at all like the typical agenda all over the Sirimon course…..

5 -Days Mount Kenya Sirimon - Sirimon

The Mount Kenya climbing course is significantly more beautiful than Naro Moru course. 4-day Sirimon course is on the drier side of the mountain which offers the absolute best strolling.

6-days mount kenya climbing

6-days mount kenya climbing Start and end in Nairobi! With the Mountain Hikes tour 6 Days Mount Kenya Climbing Through Sirimon Down Naromoru Route , you have a 6 days tour package taking you through Nairobi, Kenya and 3 other destinations in Kenya. 6 Days Mount Kenya Climbing Through Sirimon Down Naromoru Route includes accommodation, an expert guide.

6 Days Sirimon Naromoru

6 Days Sirimon Naromoru is in Nyeri County in central Kenya, lying on the Naro Moru River, between Nyeri and Nanyuki. Its 21.8 km to Nanyuki town. Its main industry is tourism, as a base for hikers ascending Mount Kenya, to its east. Solio Game Reserve lies near the town. The town was previously the center of the former Kieni East District.

6-days Chogoria Sirimon Traverse

6-days Chogoria Sirimon Traverse is a camping trip starting from the eastern slopes scaling the heights to Pt Lenana. Descent via Sirimon on the northern front. At the focal point of the massif, the principle tops ascent pointedly from around 4,500m to the primary culmination of Batian 5,199m, Nelion 5,188m and point Lenana 4,985m.

4 Days Tarangire Ngorongoro Manyara

4-Days Tarangire Ngorongoro Manyara safari is a trip whereby you have the chance to see the big five. Parks are known as a wonderful birding destination and also features large numbers of game, particularly during the dry season, when the Tarangire River is the only source of water in the area. 

7-Days Tarangire Manyara Serengeti

7-Days Tarangire Manyara Serengeti Tarangire National Park is a public park in Tanzania’s Manyara Region. The name of the recreation center begins from the Tarangire River that crosses the recreation center.

8-days tarangire manyara serengeti ngorongoro

8-days tarangire manyara serengeti ngorongoro,The Tarangire National Park is known as a magnificent birding objective and furthermore includes enormous quantities of game, especially during the dry season, when the Tarangire River is the solitary wellspring of water nearby.

5 days Mount Meru

This hike to the peak of Mount Meru is completed in 5 days. Situated at the heart of the Arusha National Park, Mount Meru overlooks the spectacular plains of the savannah. Meru was sculpted into its distinctive shape thousands of years ago when a volcanic blast destroyed an immense bulk of the eastward flank of the mountain. The fertile slopes are home to a vast range of wildlife.

6-days Kilimanjaro Machame Route

6-Days kilimanjaro Machame route. The Machame route on Mount Kilimanjaro is slightly more challenging than the other routes. The Machame route is also referred to as the whiskey route as it is considered to be more difficult and more intoxicating than the Marangu (coca-cola) route.

7-Days Kilimanjaro Machame Route

The safari offers you the chance to climb the highest mountain in Africa which is Mt Kilimanjaro through the Machame route

Starting at the Machame Gate (5,718ft or 1,748m), we begin our ascent to Machame Camp (9,350ft or 2,850m).

7-Days Kilimanjaro Rongai Route

7-Days Kilimanjaro Rongai Route, The Rongai route ascents Kilimanjaro from the northeastern side of the mountain, along the border between Tanzania and Taswachallenge safaris offers a different perspective on Kilimanjaro by approaching it from the north.